61th Research & Technology Session of Russian Academy of Science took place on the «Aviadvigatel», OJSC basis

17 september 2014

61th Research & Technology Session on the gas turbine and STAG turbine issues, dedicated to 75th anniversary of Aviadvigatel, OJSC and 65th anniversary of the Gas Turbine Committee of Russian Academy of Science was held in the period from September 9th to September 11th in Perm.

Gurgen Olkhovski, Chairman of the Gas Turbine Committee of Russian Academy of Science, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Science, the president of the National Heat Engineering Institute; Vladimir Schurovski, Doctor of Science, Deputy Head of the Gas Pipelines Systems and Technologies Center of the Russian Research Institute for Natural Gases and Gas Technologies, Gasprom, Ltd.; and the representatives of the Russian Academy of Education «Inter», OJSC, National Heat Engineering Institute, Central Institute of Aviation Motors n.a. P.I. Baranov, Ural Federal University n.a. B.N. Eltsin, Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman and other institutes, as well as specialists of the aircraft and industrial engine building and fuel-and-power sector companies took part in this Session. Purpose: the problems discussion and evaluation of the current state of industrial gas turbine building in Russia, its tendency and development trends. The Session Participants have visited the production facilities and laboratories of the Aviadvigatel, OJSC, Perm National Research Polytechnic University and Placart, CJSC.

According to Alexander Inozemtsev, General Designer of Aviadvigatel OJSC these meetings are the excellent communication bases: «We share expertise and information. It's very important for us that our specialists will visit our modern laboratories at the significantly updated manufacturing complexes. It's the opportunity to exchange experience between our colleagues and young designers».

The reports presented there by Aviadvigatel, OJSC specialists indicate the modern approach. It is very important, that their aims are nation-wide commercial aims, — says Gurgen Olkhovski, the president of the National Heat Engineering Institute, Chairman of the Gas Turbine Committee of Russian Academy of Science, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Science.

Over the past 20 years Aviadvigatel, OJSC has developed and implemented in serial production two gas turbine units families for gas -compressor units and gas turbine generating sets rated at 2.5, 4, 6 MW and 10, 12, 16, 25 MW. The production designed by Perm Design Bureau is very popular with oil, gas and power generating industry workers. In the early September, 2014 there are 766 gas turbines are in operation, the total running time of which is more than 16 million hours.

Beyond the development Perm engine manufacturers provides the delivery, testing, supervision and commissioning of the gas turbine gensets in transportable modules configuration, training of the Customers' personnel and «turn key» construction projects. Aviadvigatel, OJSC successfully implements Original Maintenance and Repair of its equipment, ensuring the reliable operation within the entire life cycle.

«One of our latest developments is the gearless Power Generating Gas Turbine with the capacity of 16 MW, with free four-stage power turbine and rated speed of 3,000 rpm, — says Aleksandr Inozemtsev. — The gearless design is more reliable and provides the higher efficiency, easiness in maintaining and operating costs reduction. Two of these units are operated in Perm and Bashkiria. And one more development is the gas turbine rated at 25 MW, which is successfully operated as part of TETS-1, Ufa. At present we are installing eight gas turbine units rated at 25 MW at the premises of «Lukoil — Permnefteorgsintez». The total output of Gas Turbine Genset, designed for associated gas, will be 200 MW.

Aviadvigatel designers are planning to actively promote GT units like these to Crimea. The major advantages of these GT units are as follows: quick manufacturing and assembly, it will take 1,5 - 2 years from decision-making to entry-into-service. By the way, GTES-72, Vatyeganskoye field, was put into operation by Perm specialists within 9 months.

Using Ural-Series gas turbine generator sets fuel-and-energy companies can significantly reduce emissions. These Gensets operate on associated gas, which gives the opportunity to use it as a fuel, instead of useless burning in flare units, simultaneously saving money. In February of the current year by Government Executive Order of Russian Federation for Ural-family GTES development the team of inventors led by Aleksandr Inozemtsev, Managing Director of Aviadvigatel, OJSC was awarded a Russian Federation government prize 2013 in science and technology field and was entitled «Russian Federation Prize Winner in science and technology field».

Session participants have also discussed one of the key aspect of modern gas turbine building in relation to environmental safety. «First of all, it is emissions reduction. We are working with leading industrial institutes of our country on the following subject: the reduction of harmful environmental impact of the gas turbines and their compliance to the international environmental standards», — says Aleksandr Inozemtsev.

Within the framework of Session the competition for best scientific or engineering research took place between young specialists. The winners are as follows: Andrew Plotnikov, Aviadvigatel, OJSC(1st grade Diploma, Subject: Estimation method of optimal and critical dependencies of axial compressor stages parameters based on the feed-back from three-dimensional analysis); Artyom Shabunin, National Heat Engineering Institute, OJSC (2nd grade Diploma, Subject: Conceptual design of Combined-cycle Plant rated at 600 mW with a steam unit produced in Russia); Aleksandra Kondakova, Klimov, OJSC (3rd grade Diploma, Subject: The use of STAR CCM+ software in flow analysis in supersonic channel of the axial compressor of the aircraft gas-turbine engine); Aleksei Tichonov, Nikolai Samokhvalov, Vadim Khairulin, Aviadvigatel, OJSC (3rd grade Diploma, Subject: Comprehensive approach to industrial gas turbines modification by the example of GTU 25 MW).

Aviadvigatel OJSC Press-Service