Aviadvigatel passed Gate 5

11 june 2015

The project «PD-14 Engine for MC-21 Aircraft» passed Gate 5.  The commission formed by for acceptance of the works under the project came to the conclusion that the major tasks of the phase under consideration are accomplished, Gate 5 is considered passed.

The Commission included the specialists from UAC, Irkut, CIAM, VIAM, NIIT, Aviadvigatel, PMZ, UMPO, Saturn, VASO, Siemens Industry Software and Lanit. The main objective of the Commission was an expert review of the project «PD-14 Engine for MC-21 Aircraft» documentation to find out whether the phase main tasks have been accomplished. The Commission worked in Aviadvigatel during 4 days.

Passing Gate 5 means that the PD-14 engine design and parameters are defined and configuration of the PD-14 engine as the advance product is approved. The next step is engine certification.

Both Aviadvigatel specialists and the specialists of the other participating companies have done a great deal to meet the targets and ensure successful passing of Gate 5. The key results of the period between Gate 4 and 5 are as follows:

  • PD-14 engine and nacelle detail design documentation developed;
  • Prototype PD-14 engines tested with the target performance demonstrated;
  • Key technologies developed and engine serial production companies cooperation formed;
  • Certification activities started; the stages of PD-14 equipped MC-21 aircraft mock-up review passed.

Upon the review of the documentation provided by the Project Management the Commission took the following decision:

  • The volume and content of the information provided under the Project to pass Gate 5 “Configuration approved (detail design documentation development completed) is sufficient;
  • Gate 5 criteria established by the order of UEC are met;
  • Gate 5 is passed and the Project implementation may be continued.

One of the nearest goals of Aviadvigatel’s team in 2015 is flight testing of the PD-14 engine at the flying testbed in the Flight Research Institute named after Gromov.

In 2016 it is planned to supply PD-14 engines for MC-21 aircraft flight testing. Getting clearance for the first flight will be the key condition for passing Gate 6 «First prototype aircraft readiness for the first flight».

Additional information

PD-14 is the baseline engine of the family of turbofan bypass engines with a common core with T/O thrust from 8 to 16 tons.

PD family engines are intended for installation at МС-21 aircraft. Uprated models (PD-18R) may be used for re-engining of Tu-214, IL-96-300 and IL-96-400Т.

The PD-14 engine core will be also used to make gas transportation and power generation IGTs meeting the most stringent current and future world requirements to efficiency, environmental performance and reliability.

Press Service, Aviadvigatel, JSC