The IL-76TD-90VD landed in the Antarctic for the first time

13 november 2015

The cargo IL-76TD-90VD aircraft with the PSС-90А-76 engines (developed by Aviadvigatel, made by Perm Engine Company) successfully passes the tests for flying to the Antarctic. On the 4th of November the aircraft took off from Cape Town (South Africa) and safely landed at the ice aerodrome of Novolazarevskaya station (the Antarctic).

Testing was conducted with participation of the specialists from Ilyushin, State Research Institute of Civil Aviation, representatives of Volga-Dnepr airlines (A/C owner), Perm Engine Company, Russian Antarctic Expedition. Aircraft ground and flight tests took place on the snow-covered ice runway of Novolazarevskaya station. On the 6th of November the aircraft returned to Cape Town.

The performed tests enable all the aircraft of this type equipped with the PS-90А-76 engines landing at snow-covered ice aerodromes.

Additional details:

For many years the IL-76TD aircraft with the D-30KP Series II engines was the main transport aircraft in the Antarctic. The cargo IL-76TD-90VD aircraft is an extensively upgraded version of the IL-76TD. The IL-76TD-90VD aircraft is equipped with the PS-90А-76 engines and modern avionics.

The PS-90А-76 engine (certified in 2003) meets all current international noise and emission standards. Compared to the D-30KP it has higher performance, higher thrust and better fuel efficiency, and requires lower maintenance costs.