Tu-204 20th Anniversary in Service and Tu-214 First Flight Powered by PS-90A

24 march 2016

2016 is the 20th anniversary since Tu-204 aircraft has been in scheduled operation and Tu-214 first flight, both powered by PS-90 engine.

Tu-204 is the baseline aircraft of Tu-204/2014 family. It entered commercial airlines service in February 1996 featuring 94.6 t. take-off weight and designed for 2500 km range at 21 t. maximum payload and 210 passenger capacity. Over 10 modifications for various purposes and applications were derived from the baseline aircraft.

Tu-204/214 family line designed by Tupolev Design Bureau includes commercial and freight Tu-204-100, Tu-214, Tu-204-300, Tu-204СМ, Tu-204С aircrafts (powered by PS-90A and PS-90A2 engines) and their modifications. The aircrafts are produced by Aviastar-SP JSC and Aircraft Manufacturing Plant n.a. S.P. Gorbunov in Kazan (Russia).

First flight of the first pilot Tu-214 (Tu-204-200) aircraft was in March 1996 in Kazan. Tu-214 features reinforced airframe, maximum take-off weight increased to 110.75 t. and 3460 km actual range at maximum payload of 25.2 t. while 4800 km with 210 passengers onboard.

PS-90A engine developed by Perm design bureau directed by Pavel A. Soloviev was certified in 1992. PS-90A was a pioneer engine in terms of composite technologies used for its modules. Second generation acoustic structures used on the engine provided lower noise to meet latest regulations for PS-90A.

Combination of Tu-204 advanced aerodynamic performance and high bypass PS-90A fuel efficiency allowed reaching fuel burn goals and high reliability. September 9, 2004, Tu-204 designing, manufacturing and operation team was awarded with the Russian Federal Grant.

By the end of 2015, PS-90A maximum operating time without engine removal exceeded 11 000 hours. Currently all existing Tu-204/214 family aircrafts powered by PS-90A entirely meet international aviation environmental regulations (noise, emission). Domestic and international airlines fleets: Rossiya Specialised Flight Team, Red Wings Airlines, Aviastar-TU CJSC, Business Aero CJSC, Air Koryo, Cubana Airlines. Full range of services is available for any PS-90A customer providing continuous engine on-wing operation throughout overall life cycle.