Dmitry Rogozin held a meeting at perm engine building companies

13 july 2016

Vice-Chairman of the RF Government Dmitry Rogozin accompanied by Perm region Governor Viktor Basargin paid a visit to Aviadvigatel and UEC-Perm Engine. In Aviadvigatel the Vice-Premier conducted the onsite meeting “High priority areas of the aircraft building industry” and inspected the PD-14 project activities status.

The Managing Director and General Designer of Aviadvigatel Alexander Inozemtsev and the Managing Director of UEC-Perm Engine Serguei Popov headed by the CEO of UEC Alexander Artyukhov demonstrated to the Vice-Premier assembly of one of the prototype PD-14 engines, PD-14 engine hardware made of new Russian materials using the latest technologies and an engine core and an engine under testing.

After production inspection tour Dmitry Rogozin conducted a meeting dedicated to high priority areas of aviation engine building development. The speakers included: Mikhail Kashtan – member of the RF Defense Industry Board, Alexander Artyukhov - CEO of UEC, Serguei Korotkov – General Designer & Innovations Vice-President of UAC, General Manager of MiG Corporation, Nickolai Pavlenko – General Designer of Mil Helicopter Plant, Vladimir Babkin – General Manager of CIAM, Olga Ospennikova – Head of VIAM’s R&D Department for High Temperature Casting and Wrought Alloys and Steels, Protective Coatings for Gas Turbine Engine Parts, Alexander Palatnikov – Head of the Central Research Institute of Air Forces of the RF Ministry of Defense, Serguei Emelyanov – Director of Engine Building Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, etc.

The meeting agenda included identification of the key issues of the Russian aircraft engine industry and presentation of an engine development concept, current engine models and those under development, as well as the latest Russian technologies and materials developed within the PD-14 program and required for the PD-35 program implementation, etc.

Summing up the results of the meeting Dmitry Rogozin said: “Development of the 35-ton engine is a new reality which has never happened in our engine building industry before. This is an absolutely new undertaking which has to be tackled by joint efforts. There is no room for mistake. Starting this big job we have to dot all the i's and cross all the t'si and plan all our moves keeping the most critical aspects under control”.