Aviadvigatel specialists took part in UEC Worldskills competition

25 july 2016

Specialists of Aviadvigatel, JSC were awarded in UEC II Corporate WorldSkills Competition.

On July 11-15, 2016 NPO Saturn PJSC Training Center hosted the UEC II Corporate WorldSkills Competition. More than 100 young specialists aged up to 28 from thirteen UEC Companies took part in this Competition.

The program of UEC WorldSkills Competition included competitions in the individual event, as well as engineering teams competition. The individual participants performed their skills in such categories as CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Welding Technologies, Aviation Equipment Maintenance and Engineering Graphics – CAD. Engineering Teams demonstrated their skills in Life Cycle Management category in the format of TechnoPRORYV role-playing Business Game.

Perm Design Bureau representatives competed in two categories: Engineering Graphics – CAD and Life Cycle Management. Maxim Snitko, head of Turbine Development Department and Denis Glotov, Head of Compressors Department Team took part in the event as experts from Aviadvigatel Party.

Our design engineers Ilia Ardashkin and Vadim Mazunin in individual championship within Engineering Graphics – CAD category won the second and the third prize correspondently. They have shared their impressions regarding the Championship:

Vadim Mazunin, Compressor Department Design Engineer, said:

“I realized that my Company’s Reputation is in my hands. Besides, It was a chance to gauge my skills.

Ilia Ardashkin, Turbine Department Design Engineer, says:

“I’m really pleased that I was entrusted to represent Aviadvigatel in the Championship. It is a great opportunity to value my skill level in CAD System - one of the main tool for modern engineers. I hope that I will take part in the next competition and do my best to win.

Aviadvigatel’s Engineering Team participated in TechnoPRORYV Corporative Business Game. Eight specialists from Design Bureau and Pilot Production Plant have united to form the group named "Parma’s Eight”. They are: Oleg Rezvykhin, Deputy of Chief Technologist, Nikolai Korshunov, Design Engineer, Konstantin Ivanov, Design Engineer, Aleksey Kurtchev, Head of Manufacturing Engineering Department, Vitaliy Zhukotsky, Manufacturing Process Engineer, Dmitriy Kaisin, Head of Manufacturing Engineering Department, Marsel Asadulin, Economist, Dmitriy Savranskiy, Design Engineer.

In accordance with the proposed Specification the Eight of Perm Design Bureau has designed all-purpose mobile transfer platform named Varyag. The team proved itself as a mature diversified engineering group, who designed high speed waterborne vehicle, establishing the technical and economic feasibility of the project, defining the Market needs and required HR.

Varyag by Parma’s Eight was the second among the projects. Aviadvigatel Team got the prize in individual category for the Best Design Project.

Parma’s Eight members noted, that all the competitors were skilled and the results tabulating was not evident till the end.

Dmitriy Kaisin, Head of Manufacturing Engineering Department, Large Components Machining Workshop, said:

Participation in the championship helped to evaluate the professional competence of our team in contrast with All-Russia participants as well as creativity potential of individuals. Working on complex project in time limiting conditions we learned to defer the opinion of each member of the group and be responsible for the results. Finely, we have got to know qualified, brainy and intelligent people.