Aviadvigatel’s young specialists departed for Gidroaviasalon-2016

20 september 2016

On September, 19th 2016 young delegation of Aviadvigatel JSC left for «Gidroavioasalon-2016» International Exhibition-XI in Gelendzhik. The delegation includes Aviadvigatel’s young specialists and the best students from Aerospace Faculty of Perm State National Research Polytechnical University.

It’s an old good tradition of the Perm engine-makers to get the young off to the first business-trip for a specialized exhibition. This year the young people will visit gidroaviasalon which will be held from September, 22 to September, 25 on the coast of Gelendzhik bay in the grounds of testing and experiment base of Beriev Aircraft Company (Aviation Science and Technology Complex of Taganrog named after G.M. Beriev, PJSC) and Gelendzhik Airport.

The management team of the company gave the young people a parting speech.

Senior Deputy General Designer and Head of Design Bureau of Aviadvigatel JSC Nikolai Koksharov:

“I hope you’ll come back with a clear understanding of what you are to engage with and being aware of your responsibility for the people who go by planes”.

Senior Deputy Managing Director – General Designer on Aircraft Engines Sergey Kharin:

“I wish you to become friends during this trip, because in future, the friendship will help you to solve difficult manufacturing tasks together with your colleagues”.

“May your professional life starting with such a tour be as successful and interesting”, HR Director Tatiana Snitko wished to the young people.

The delegation included 35 young specialists hired in 2015 to 2016 and eight best employer-sponsored students from Perm State National Research Polytechnical University. We asked the young people to share their emotions and expectations about the trip.

Dmitry Shurubor, a design engineer from PD Gas Turbines Division:

“It’s very interesting for me to visit Gidroaviasalon-2016 and to look at the aviation equipment introduced there. I’d like to see “living” airplanes, engines and to listen to the engines roaring. Of course, I want to meet new people, may be, from other companies. I have already worked for Aviadvigatel for three years as an intern, and I was lucky to visit MAKS-2015 International Airshow. It will be interesting to compare the two exhibitions. I’d like to thank the management of the design bureau for us, beginning specialists, being given a unique opportunity to become participants of such unique events”.

Olga Korablina, a student of Aerospace Faculty of Perm State National Research Polytechnical University:

“I’m very happy that my first business trip will be so exciting. I hope to see a large scale of special aviation equipment at the exhibition. During this trip I’ll meet my colleagues-to-be and junior students to whom I can tell something about Aviadvigatel as I have already been in the design bureau for internship.

I’m studying at special admission and very pleased with my choice. First of all, it’s not like you can get a profession of a specialist’s degree in any higher educational institution. Secondly, today I already know in what designing department I’ll work in a year and a half. And such trips for international special exhibitions as Aviadvigatel stimulates us, students yet, with, are arranged by no other enterprise”.

The Perm engine-makers are to be at Gidroaviasalon-2016 as early as September, 22. They are going to see demonstration flights of Russian aerobatic teams and marine facilities afloat, look at the amphibious aircrafts, hydroplanes, helicopters and decking and naval deployment airplanes.