Mr. Alexander A. Inozemtsev was elected as Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

07 november 2016

Mr. Alexander A. Inozemtsev, Chief Designer – Managing Director of Aviadvigatel, JSC, was elected as a Corresponding member of Power industry, Machine building, Mechanics and Control processes Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences with a specialization in Machine building.  

On October 24-25, 2016 Academician and Corresponding members’ election took place within RAS Departments, and on 28th of October, 2016 the elected candidates were approved by RAS General Assembly. 184 vacant places for Academicians and 334 vacancies for Corresponding members were determined this year. 481 candidates for RAS Academicians and 1792 candidates for RAS Corresponding members were adopted by Scientific Institutions, Educational Establishments of Higher Education, RAS Scientific Councils and RAS Full Members.

Mr. Alexander A. Inozemtsev has a D. Sc. degree in Engineering; he is a Professor and a Chairman of Aero Engine Dpt. (Perm National Research Polytechnic University), Head of Perm GT engines Design School; he has 178 published papers, including 2 monographies, 9 textbooks and learning aids, 3 certificates of authorship and 67 patents for invention. Laureate of the RF State prize in science and engineering in 2000. Laureate of the RF Government prize in science and engineering in 2013. Laureate of Perm region prize in science in 2013.

Upon graduation from Perm Technical Institute in 1973 he came on board of the Engine Design Bureau (currently Aviadvigatel, JSC) where he has passed through the growth steps beginning with design engineer and ending with the Company Managing Director. In 1997 he was appointed to General Designer of Aviadvigatel, and since 2001 he is heading Aviadvigatel, JSC.

A.Inozemtsev took part in design and development stages of D-30 Engines, 3rd Series (powers Tu-134-A aircraft), D-30KU (IL-52M), D-30KP (IL-76), D-30KU-154 (Tu-154M). Under his leadership the Design Bureau has modified PS-90A Engine; there were designed and certified 4 modifications of this Engine; 19 types of GT units and GT gen sets were designed and implemented in serial production covering 2.5 … 25 MW power range.

Engine building belongs to science-driven and high-technology industry sector. The development of modern competitive engine is possible only if the production and science cooperate. A. Inozemtsev has been successfully combining scientific work with industrial plant management for many years. The continuous cooperation with science in the field of GT technologies helps Perm Design Bureau to create GT equipment using state of the art research-and-technology achievements, and also to guarantee its reliability, compliance with environmental regulations, high performance and cost effectiveness (in comparison with the competitors worldwide).

Currently Aviadvigatel, JSC team under the supervision of A. Inozemtsev is developing the family of the 5th generation domestic engines in cooperation with leading Engine Building Companies in RF, Industrial Institutes, such as CIAM, TsAGI, VIAM, VILS, Institutes of Russian Academy of Science, such as Institute of Material Superductility Issues RAS, ICMM of the Ural Branch of RAS and the other institutes.

 Baseline PD-14 engine for МС-21 type aircraft was developed. The success of PD-14 Engine Development Program was mentioned by the Top Government Officials. Vladimir Putin, The President, has qualified the results achieved by Russian engine builders as an obvious triumph. A. Inozemtsev has made a large personal contribution to this triumph.In early 2000s he initiated the development of Russian Advanced Aircraft Engine in Perm Engine Design Bureau.