Aviadvigatel held a meeting on future projects

27 january 2017

UEC-Aviadvigatel held a meeting with VIAM specialists where they discussed the joint activities planned to be performed to support the PD-35 advanced engine development. The agenda also included the PD-14 project related issues.

During the meeting the parties agreed on the scope of joint works between JSC “UEC-Aviadvigatel” and FSUE “VIAM” aimed to develop materials and processes for the PD-35 engine which are expected to be performed at the initial phase.

The meeting participants agreed on final quantities and delivery timescales of the composite materials   for the PD-14 engine. Besides, the parties discussed samples testing within the PD-14 development project.

During the meeting the representatives of VIAM came up with their proposals on training and re-training of Perm design bureau personnel in the disciplines of continuing professional education.

Background information

PD-35 – baseline advanced aviation engine with 35 ton thrust for wide-body passenger and transport aircraft of the XXI century. Development of 22-38 tf thrust engines family based on the PD-35 core will ensure development of competitive Russian long-range aviation.

PD­14 – baseline engine of the family of new generation turbofan bypass aviation engines with a common core. The RF Government greatly facilitates development of the PD-14 engine as it’s a real chance for the country to return domestic airplanes to the market of air service the largest segment is which is short- and medium-haul aircraft of MC-21 type for which the PD-14 engine is intended.