CIAM successfully tested the PD-14 engine fan for bird strike resistance

17 january 2018

CIAM finished tests on its spin stand for determining stability of the PD-14 engine fan (integrating designer - UEC-Aviadvigatel JSC) to ingest a large single bird.

Experimental work was preceded by serious preparations. The stand passed through a serious upgrade. A special gun and a slipway for its fastening were fabricated. During preparatory work, a series of calibration tests was performed to confirm a capability to ingest a large bird into the critical fan blade section and ensure the retention of the liner in the gun.

The bird strike test was successful under conditions regulated in accordance with specification of the current airworthiness standards. During the test, a high-speed video of the process and measurement of vibrations were made which are important for subsequent computations.

Two engineering tests on CIAM’s spin stand (large bird ingestion and fan blade out (FBO)), as well as FBO certification test at Perm facility showed that FBO event for the engine is more critical than the bird strike. Thus, Large Bird Strike engine certification test is not necessary. It significantly saves time and budged for engine certification procedure.