UEC-Aviadvigatel JSC – 25 years in the power sector of Russia

22 march 2018

Quarter of a century ago Aviadvigatel discovered a new business area of creating gas turbine equipment for the power sector.

On March 24, 1993, RAO Gazprom, GP Tumentransgas and UEC-Aviadvigatel JSC entered into a contract for developing and delivering the modular-type power gensets having the maximum capacity of 4.5 MW, with gas turbines derived from the D-30 aviation engine. As soon as in December of 1994, upgraded power plant PAES-2500M on the basis of Perm GTU-2.5P rated at 2.5 MW started its operation in Igrim settlement.  

Later on, Perm designers developed a line of gas turbine units for power generation on the basis of the D-30 and PS-90A aviation engines: GTU-4P, GTU-6P, GTU-12PG-2, GTU-16PA and GTE—25PA, as well as gas turbine power plants of the Ural series – EGES-12C, GTES-16PA, GTES-25P/PA. Perm gas turbine units and gensets use natural and associated gas in simple and cogeneration cycles. For the past 25 years, 352 gas turbine units for power generation developed by Perm design bureau were installed at the operation facilities. Their total capacity reached 2.4 GW and total running hours exceeded 11.6 mln hours.

Utilizing the Perm gas turbine units in fuel and energy industry improves the environmental situation, increases the energy efficiency and energy safety of the companies and of the Russian economy as a whole. Aviadvigatel is the only company is Russia that delivers authorized repair and maintenance services to its customers providing for the life-long warranty for the supplied equipment, with the machine-hour type of payment. This is a unique aviation technology of working with the customer that was carried “to ground” by Perm designers.

The twenty-five-year “employment history” of gas turbine power generating units developed by the Perm design bureau, the experience of operation, quality and reliability of the supplied equipment – all of these allow to expressly claim in the conditions of the EEC sanctions, that UEC-Aviadvigatel JSC has a worthy domestic product for the Russian user – gas turbine power generating units rated at 2.5 to 25 MW.