The Companies from UEC and Rostech Study Aviadvigatel’s Experience

04 february 2019

A delegation of Rostech and UEC specialists involved in the Project “Efficient New Product Development Management” visited UEC-Aviadvigatel Engineering Bureau in Perm as part of Rostech’s managers training and development program called KURS .

The objective of the visit was familiarization with the best practices developed during implementation of the Project “PD-14: Engines for MC-21” and their further use to improve efficiency of R&D performed by Rostech and UEC.

The delegation included: P. Chupin, Deputy General Designer – Chief Designer of Marine GTEs and GTUs, UEC-Saturn; А. Mukhin, Chief Designer, Development Engineering Bureau n.a. A.Lulka, subsidiary company of UEC-UMPO; А. Zlobin, Chief Designer, PAO Kuznetsov, D. Yurchenko, RD-33 Program Director – Chief Designer of UEC-Klimov, P. Klibanov, Projects Director, Commercial Administration, MPO n.a. I.Rumyantsev.

During a two-day visit the team received comprehensive information about organization of cooperation during implementation of the Project “PD-14: Engines for МС-21”, implementation of the gate-type project management system, organization of scientific & technical support of R&D, evaluation of project economic efficiency and building its financial model, PD family engines aftermarket support system, establishment of the wide-area system of project implementation IT-support, etc.

Familiarization with Perm Engineering Bureau’s practices took place in the round table format with the possibility to discuss the crucial problems with experts. Besides, Aviadvigatel’s guests toured its development production, test facilities and laboratories.

Summarizing the results of the visit Pavel Chupin said: “We have been shown the program milestones, project management algorithm, design methods and processes, production and test base. We have seen the strength of Perm Engineering Bureau which has been never doubted.   As PD-14 is an absolutely new Russian engine, we understand the difficulties our colleagues have faced. Our objective is to study Aviadvigatel’s experience and to understand how to use it in our projects.

Although every UEC company has its own history, traditions, there is a common trend – nobody can develop a new engine alone today. The companies will tend to cooperate which means that efficient cooperation management will be brought to focus. The experience of UEC-Aviadvigatel as the lead designer of the project will be unique from this point of view”.