The 100th Ural GT Gen Set was shipped to the Customer

07 february 2019

In January, 2019 the 100th Ural Gas turbine Gen Set was shipped to the Customer - YamalNeftegaz, Lukoil-Western Siberia CJSC – an old partner of Perm Design Bureau. The "Iron” hero of an anniversary – Ural-6000 Gen Set – is designed to increase the capacity of Pyakyakhinskoye gas field GTES on the base of power equipment by UEC-Aviadvigatel JSC.

Ural Gas Turbine Gen Sets ranging from 2,5 to 6 MW by Perm Design Bureau have been in use since 2000. As of early 2019 the total power output of Gas Turbine Gen Sets as a part of Ural-2500, Ural-4000 and Ural-6000 onsite has reached 444MW, and their total running time exceeded 2,4 million power. Within the Ural Gen Set operators are Gazprom OJSC, LUKOIL OJSC, Rosneft OJSC, Uralkali OJSC, Bashkir Generation Company LLC, Sibur-Khimprom JSC, etc.

Currently, six Ural-6000 Gen sets are being operated as a part of Pyakyakhinskoye field power plant. Ural Gen sets have powered rotation workers settlement and field facilities, and also provided Yamal workers with the opportunity to use advanced electric drilling machines. These drilling machines are able to drill holes up to 4 kilometers in length; for deep-frozen soil such value is a great engineering and production breakthrough. The anniversary hundredth Gen Set was delivered under the Contract for two Ural-6000 Gen sets for the third phase of Pyakyakhinskoye field power plant.