Experts confirm steady demand for Aviadvigatel’s power equipment

08 may 2019

Perm Design Bureau has held a scientific & technical board (STB) meeting on a topic of “Production of industrial 2.5 – 6 MW D-30EU engines with improved life performance”. The purpose of STB was to discuss prospects of the market for 2.6 – 6 MW D-30EU gas-turbine engines for the Russian fuel & energy complex.

Among participants of the STB meeting were the representatives of GAZPROM and its subsidiaries, structural divisions of LUKOIL, NOVATEK, SIBUR-Khimprom, MPP “Energotekhnika”, UEC, UEC-PM, Proton-PM, UEC-Aviadvigatel.

Presentations were made by Danill Sulimov, Deputy General Designer – Chief Designer of GT Units for Power Plants and Facility Use, Takhir Hairulin, Deputy Chief Designer of Energy GT Units and Facility Use, Life Cycle Sales Program Director, and others. The STB meeting participants were presented the full range of gas-turbine equipment developed by Perm Design Bureau. Emphasis was placed on the energy GTUs and GT Power Plants rated at 2.5, 4, 6 MW, derived from the D-30EU engines, and on the projects using them: GTU-TPP “SIBUR-Khimprom”, GTPP “Ural-4000” at Ilichevsk oil and gas field of LUKOIL-Perm, GTPP “Ural-6000” at Pyakyakhisky oil and gas field of LUKOIL-West Siberia, GTPP “Ural-6000” at Kondinsky oil and gas field of NK “Rosneft”, and others.

“Exceptional reliability of these engines and low cost of their life cycle has been proved over many years of usage. Today we would like to understand the prospects of the market. Opinion and estimates of the specialist invited to attend the board meeting are important to us,” – notes Alexander Inozemtsev, Managing Director – General Designer, UEC-Aviadvigatel.

Perm designers presented actions that has been already implemented to enhance performance and reliability of GTPPs, as well as the production program of new D-30EU with improved life figures. This program will update the current equipment fleet based on D-30EU, extend the operating temperature range of new GT engines up to +35 0С of ambient air, and reduce customer’s operation costs for maintenance and repair for 20-25% owing to the increase of assigned life up to 200 thousand hours and reduction of overhauls from six to four.

STB participants have discussed with great interest the information presented and have concluded that presently there is a steady demand in Russia for GT equipment with D-30EU engines. Therefore, the production program of new improved life D-30EU has been recognized as economically viable and future-oriented.