Perm designers discussed a possibility to create microturbines for power generation

20 may 2019

UEC-Aviadvagatel’s specialists under leadership of General Designer, Corresponding Member of RAS A.A. Inozemtsev held science and technical council on Creation of Microturbine Units from 100 to 200 kW.

According to A. Inozemtsev, the issue of a possibility for UEC-Aviadvigatel’s specialists to develop the newest domestic microturbine unit for power generation was brought up by the long-time partner of the Perm designers, OOO LUKOIL-PERM, at whose sites the western-made microturbine units with unit output up to 200 kW are being operated.

 The science and technical council aimed for discussion of the results of working thought a possibility to create a microturbine unit, as well as for making a decision on viability of development and manufacturing the unit prototype. The chief designers of the Perm Design Bureau for the sectors, managers and specialists of the leading design departments took part in the work of the science and technical council.

The reports were made by Deputy Chief Designer – the Head of the Division for the Power Generation GTU and Their Targeted Application O.A. Vasketsov; the Head of the Thermodynamic Calculations Department M.R. Idiyatullin; the Head of the Department for GTE Rotor Spinning Systems and Auxiliary Power Devices M.V. Chepkasov; the Head of the ACS Division Cand. Sc. I.G. Lisovin; the Head of the Department for Design and Operation Documentation Development and Issuing M.A. Demenev; the Head of the Advanced Projects Department S.B. Mishenin.

The delivered reports demonstrated a systematic approach of UEC-Aviadvigatel’s specialists to the search for a solution to the import substitution problem, the depth of the analysis and fairness of the assessment of national and foreign manufacturers of this equipment. Preliminary technical concept and the configuration of the whole engine as well as of its separate systems, composition and configuration of the microturbine unit and other challenges were of special interest to participants of the science and technical council.

“Now more than 950 imported microturbine units with unit output up to 250 kW are being operated in Russia. In the coming years their runtime will reach the overhaul time. Under the current political and economic conditions, replacement of the imported devices with the domestic ones is as relevant as ever, and Perm designers are concerned with a solution of this problem”, A. Inozemtsev highlighted giving comments on the past science and technical council.