UEC-Aviadvigatel is participating in MAKS’2019 Air Show

22 august 2019

UEC-Aviadvigatel will participate in MAKS’2019 International Air Show as part of the joint exhibit display of United Engine Corporation companies.

UEC-Aviadvigatel is going to exhibit a full-size mock-up of the PD-14 engine representing a production configuration of the certified brand-new Russian aviation engine of the new generation. To recap, the PD-2014 engine was certified by FATA in October 2018 demonstrating thereby PD-14 compliance with RF airworthiness and environmental regulations and speaks to the fact that the engine is ready for integration with the airframe.

The mockup will feature polymer composite nacelle components developed by UEC-Aviadvigatel, engine core cowling elements, as well as hollow Titanium fan blades, etc. The presented PD-14 mockup is an absolute match of the engine undergoing flight tests to expand the operational envelop at the moment.

At present the process of Russian certificate validation in EASA is underway. Besides, at the order of PAO Gazprom Perm designers started development of a new 12…16 MW gas turbine based on the PD-14 engine core.

The real PD-14 engine can be seen by the Air Show visitors on wing of the most state-of-the-art flying testbed IL-76LL which will be exhibited at the static display. During test flights this unique testbed enables online monitoring of over 2000 engine parameters on board the aircraft and on the ground at the same time.

UEC-Aviadvigatel will present its own development – a polymer composite TRU cascade. This cascade is made using the serial production process and is identical to the cascades that have been subjected to structural and flight tests as part of the engine.

Perm Design Bureau will demonstrate media materials about the country’s only latest multi-purpose rig for GTE transmissions and lube systems testing. It provides capability to perform unique research in extreme environment which is not reproducible in principle at conventional test facilities or experimental setups. It will be the first time during MAKS when UEC-Aviadvigatel will present a virtual museum that features modern graphical models of the entire range of aviation engines, IGTs and gensets developed by Perm in the absolutely exact virtual format adapted for the user of any technical knowledge level. The visitors of the virtual museum will be able to tear the engine down into modules on their own perceiving in this way the fundamentals of design of the most sophisticated engineering product in the human history.

The team of young specialists of UEC-Aviadvigatel is going to attend the Air Show. Traditionally, the company would send over 50 entrants and best students of the Aerospace Department of Perm Technical University who are on practical training in the company. The company management is convinced that attending special exhibitions widens the professional horizons of young design engineers, gives a chance to see the latest products and learn about the latest trends of world aviation industry development straight from the source.