UEC-Aviadvigatel’s specialists improve equipment for benefit of customers

29 june 2021

Experimental work dealing with possible air leaks detection in a running gas turbine unit was undertaken by the personnel of “UEC-Aviadvigatel” JSC (part of Rostech United Engine Corporation). The purpose of the experiment was to evaluate capabilities of the equipment provided by OOO “GK Resurs”.

UEC-Aviadvigatel is constantly improving its proprietary equipment, increasing its quality and reliability. Presently, the Design Bureau’s specialists are involved in a development of an acoustic testing technique to check for air leaks on a running gas turbine engine. Detection of possible air leaks allows for a timely fault detection and correction. This, in its turn, increases the efficiency of the engine and gas turbine unit as a whole, and this fact makes the operators using the Perm Design Bureau’s equipment to be excited.

The visual and acoustic NL Camera leak detector was used for detecting possible air leaks. This device is based on the ultrasonic method enabling detection of gas leaks by the ultrasound it emits. The device is equipped with 124 specific phased microphones, an acoustic signal from which is processed by a processor, and in a combination with the image from digital camera shows the real-time leak on a screen of device, which allows visualization of gas leak and its location. The device is non-contact and enables remote monitoring of the gas turbine unit operation.

“In general, specialists of UEC-Aviadvigatel are quite satisfied with the results of the test performed and capabilities of the visual-acoustic NL-camera leak detector. At this point, additional examination is required to determine a sensory threshold of ultrasonic detectors in laboratory and in running engine,” - says Maksim A. Snitko, Deputy General Designer – Chief Designer of Gas Turbine Drives for Gas Compressor Packages.